Fall 2003

I'll be in my office from 2:15 -4:15 every Friday. (If no one is waiting at 4:00, I'll leave then.)  Can't meet me then? - arrange an appointment, either by stopping by or by contacting me by email or telephone.

There are many calls on my time: committee meetings, doctor's appointments, illness, and so on. (And, being human, alas, sometimes I simply forget.)   And of course other students also want to see me.  So while I do keep my office hours, I can't guarantee you will find me (or at least find me free).  I suggest that you call ahead to minimize possible disappointment. If the door is open but I'm not there, it means I'll be back shortly. If it's closed during my office hours, please knock anyway.

If you want to leave me an assignment or other material, give it to Mrs. Drummond in the Political Science Department office (304 Cina, just down the hall from my office);  ask her to put it in my mailbox.  Have her write the time on it.

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