People in my courses (including me) are expected to treat everyone in class with respect in discussion and classroom presence.  No one knows who is right in any given situation, and even if you know a lot about something, another person's ideas might shed new light on it, so that you will learn something from them even if they don't know as much.

Please arrive before the class begins and remain until the class ends.  If you absolutely cannot do so, then sit near an exit and depart (or arrive) quietly.

Please do not pass notes or carry on conversations that are unrelated to the class.  I and your fellow students find this distracting.  I personally also find it annoying and thus distracting if you are doing other work in class:  reading the Statesman, doing homework for another class, etc.  As a college student, you are not required to come to class;  the only people who should be in the classroom are students who want to pay attention and support our cooperative learning enterprise through their good energy.

It shouldn't be necessary to say this, but ... please turn off and put away your pagers, cell phones, laptops, instant messengers, PDAs, IPods, etc. etc.  Don't set them on "vibrate" instead of "ring" — turn them off.

Please wear appropriate clothes to class.  If you wear your swimsuit, then I'll be forced to wear mine — something we would all regret.  Hats are o.k., but they shouldn't be so large as to interfere with people's view.  Thus baseball caps are o.k., but ten-gallon hats are not.

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Author:  Stephen Chilton [email]  |  Last Modified:  2005-11-08
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