Honor Roll of Proofreaders and Colleagues Extraordinaire

The following friends and colleagues found and told me of errors (or who provided other feedback), both substantive and mechanical, in the variety of pages I've placed on my web site.  Many thanks!

Not mentioned are the many of my UMD students who contributed their own corrections.  With one exception, they remain unlisted.

Errors Found Proofreader / Colleague Extraordinaire Affiliation E-Mail
Unclear Adrian Smith Edward Boyle Library, University of Leeds, U.K. a.smith [insert "at" sign] leeds.ac.uk
N/A Scott Billey, UMD '93 Harrington Company sbilley [insert "at" sign] harringtoncompany.com
N/A Rubye Braye . rbraye [insert "at" sign] earthlink.net
2 Dr. Roger Firestone . rfire [insert "at" sign] jtan.com
2 Dr. Martha Gordon Lindeman . MJLmail [insert "at" sign] aol.com
John Burik, M.Ed. Children's Home of
Northern Kentucky
jburik [insert "at" sign] fuse.net
1 Gene Shackman . shackman [insert "at" sign] localnet.com
[Unclear] Hemphill . jhemphil [insert "at" sign] bellatlantic.net
Eileen Theimer Nyingma Institute et.SPC [insert "at" sign] dancingsnails.com
John-Mark Roufs UMD rouf0013 [insert "at" sign] d.umn.edu
Pablo Cevallos-Estarellas
Montclair [NJ] State University cevallosp [insert "at" sign] mail.montclair.edu
12 total corrections as of Saturday, February 14, 2004
11 unique proofreaders / colleagues to date from 11 unique domains.

Thanks also to Eric W. Weisstein, whose "Bug Stompers" web page for his CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics inspired this compilation of names and provided some of the html code.

The "[insert 'at' sign]" nonsense in the last column of the table is to avoid putting my friends' names out where spammers' spiders can garner them.

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