August 19, 2002

Chapter 4

The Nature of Social Justice

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            I          On Part III (“The Systemic: Relating to the Generalized Other”)

            II         On the Present Chapter

Stage 3, Stage 6

            I          Direct vs. Mediated Relationships

            II         The Lifeworld Horizon

            III        Stage 1, Stage 4

            IV       Stage 2, Stage 5

            V         Stage 3, Stage 6

            VI       Case Study: Dr. Jefferson’s Dilemma

            VII      Case Study: Capital Punishment

            VIII     Case Study: The U.S. Prison System

“... the kind of person who ...”

            I          Clausewitz or Character?

            II         Case Study: Do I Have Duties toward My Late Father?


The Primacy of Relationships in the Consideration of Means and Ends

            I          The


The Prior-to-Society Perspective and the Black Box

            I          The


The Only Ultimately Reliable Political Stance Is the Elimination of All Oppressions

            I          The Oppression Olympics

            II         The Importance of Solidarity

            III        Tactics vs. Strategy in Addressing Oppression