July 6, 2002

Chapter 6

The Ways of Relating Perspective on Some Philosophical / Methodological Issues in Social Science and Political Theory

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Situating Postmodernism in Cognitive-developmental Perspective

            I          Situating Postmodernism

            II         Case Study: Seyla Benhabib’s (1989) “Liberal Dialogue Versus a Critical Theory of Discursive Legitimation”

Rousseau’s Concept of the General Will

            I          The


Some Problems of Circular Reasoning in Social Science

            I          The

Strategic Action Is a Distress Pattern

            I          The

The Irrationality of Rational Choice

            I          A World without Relationship?

            II         Inherent Relationship

            III        Rational Choice: Three Critiques

                        A         The Rationality of Voting

                        B         Rational Choice Is a Normative, Not a Neutral Position: A Critique of Nozick’s “Wilt Chamberlain” Example

                        C         The Relationship Constituted in Rational Choice Theory