July 6, 2002

Chapter 7

The Ways of Relating Perspective on Some Practical-Political Issues

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The “Natural Method” of Childraising as an Example of the Ways of Relating Perspective and the Relational Principle

            I          What the method is –

                        A         Brief description; basic perspective / philosophy

                        B         History / origins

                        C         Current usage

            II         Takes the child’s interests fully (i.e., equally) into account

            III        After doing so, you (the parent; usually the mother) try to satisfy them as best you can.

            IV       Making the final decision as an example of the 2nd-order criteria.

            V         Trust in the parent is the first experience of the benign universe.

            VI       The fundamental importance of this raising for the child’s entire life.

            VII      Objections to it:

                        A         “Creates dependence on the mother.”

                        B         “Doesn’t ready the child for the realities of life, which is harsh, cruel, and indifferent to their interests.”

                        C         I’m sure there are other objections unknown to me. I want to give the full range of them.


Getting Along with Each Other

            I          The Ways of Relating Perspective on Mediation and Litigation (with Dr. Maria Stalzer Wyant Cuzzo)

            II         Restorative Justice

            III        Getting Along with Other Cultures

            IV       Comparing Satyagraha and the U.S. Peace and Justice Movement in Terms of the Ways of Relating Perspective

            V         Our Need for a Structure of Reconciliation

Comments on Aspects of Social Organization

            I          The Role of Religion and Spirituality in the Ways of Relating Perspective

            II         A Revised Understanding of Freedom of Speech

            III        Same-Sex Marriage

            IV       A Moral Philosophy of Sex Work Footnote

            V         Market Value and Use Value

Meaning and Crisis

            I          Introduction

            II         Four Crises

            III        Mining the Lifeworld

            IV       Lotteries and Legitimacy

            V         Advertising and Authenticity

            VI       Meaning, Crisis, and the Tragedy of the Commons