October 31, 2002


[Chapter 7]

The “Natural Method” of Childraising as an Example of the Ways of Relating Perspective and the Relational Principle Footnote

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SECTIONS (& perhaps subsections):

            I          What the method is –

                        A         Brief description; basic perspective / philosophy

                        B         History / origins

                        C         Current usage

[From this point on, the essay shows how the natural method in an inherent part of the ways of relating perspective – what the ways of relating perspective looks like when applied to child-raising.]

            II         Takes the child’s interests fully (i.e., equally) into account

            III        After doing so, you (the parent; usually the mother) try to satisfy them as best you can. Footnote

            IV       Making the final decision as an example of the 2nd-order criteria.

            V         Trust in the parent is the first experience of the benign universe. Footnote

            VI       The fundamental importance of this raising for the child’s entire life. Footnote

            VII      Objections to it:

                        A         “Creates dependence on the mother.” Footnote

                        B         “Doesn’t ready the child for the realities of life, which is harsh, cruel, and indifferent to their interests.” Footnote

                        C         I’m sure there are other objections unknown to me. I want to give the full range of them.

I    Title of First Section