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Sy Han (Steven) Chiou is an Assistant Professor of Statistics in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at University of Minnesota Duluth, USA. He holds a Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of Connecticut in Storrs.

His dissertation focuses on methodological developments and applications in survival analysis. In particular, his doctoral work includes developing methods in both the rank-based approach and the least squares approach for semiparametric accelerated failure time models.

Although his primary area of reserach is survival analysis, his research interests also include, but not limited to the following areas: case-cohort studies, missing data techniques, clustered data analysis, statistical computing, biostatistics, environment applications, public health applications.

Beyond the research activities, his academic experience includes several semesters of teaching statistics courses at both undergraduate and graduate level. Additionally, he passed Exam P, FM and MLC and completed all course work for VEE credits.