Course material   

Lim 5105 
Frontiers in Environmental Science    Spring 2015

Instructor:      Sergei Katsev
Office:           208 RLB

Phone:           726-6057

Course content:
An interdisciplinary graduate seminar with dual goal of reviewing most significant current developments in limnological science and helping students identify most significant knowledge gaps in their disciplinary research fields. The course involves guest lectures, student presentations and discussions. It aims to provide students with guidance on choosing research directions to achieve an optimal balance between difficulty and scientific payoff.

Talks schedule:

February 5
Sergei Katsev (LLO&Physics):
Quantitative approaches to microbial ecosystems. MWAH 195.

February 12 

Elizabeth Minor (LLO&Chemistry)
Organic matter characterization. Why is it important? What do we know? What challenges remain?, MWAH 195

February 19 


February 26

Byron Steinman (LLO&Earth and Env. Sci.)
Recent advances in paleolimnology with a focus on western North America, MWAH 195

March 5  

Katie Schreiner (LLO&Chem)
Carbon cycling through the terrestrial-aquatic interface, MWAH 195

March 12   

Robert Sterner (LLO&Biology)
Productivity and resources, MWAH 195

March 26  

Sam Kelly (LLO&Physics)
Turbulence in large lakes and oceans, MWAH 195

April 2

Ted Ozersky (LLO& Biology)
Lakes under ice: Opening the black box of winter, MWAH 195

April 9  
Discussion, RLB 200

April 16  
Andrew Bramburger (NRRI)
Periphytic diatom communities of North American karstic wetlands: Patterns, processes, and applications. MWAH 195.

April 23
Student presentations, RLB 200

April 30
Student presentations, RLB 200

May 7
Thomas Johnson (LLO & Earth and Env. Sci.)
Unraveling the climate history of tropical East Africa: recent advances. MWAH 195

Thursday - 1:00-1:50 pm
MWAH 195 and RLB200