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Phys 2022 
Classical Physics                                           Spring 2010

Instructor:      Sergei Katsev
Office:           352 MWAH
Phone:          x6057
E-mail:          skatsev "at"



Course content:
We begin with a review and extension of selected concepts covered in Phys2011-2, with more extensive use of calculus and vector operations. We then undertake a systematic study of the physics and mathematics of oscillatory motion, ranging from masses on springs through waves in various media onto AC electrical circuits and wave phenomena in optics. This will include practice with complex numbers and the use and solution of differential equations.

  • French A.P., Vibrations and Waves.
  • Phys2011-2 textbook (Young and Friedman or Halliday and Resnick)

M,W,T,F - MWAH 241 - 9:00-9:50 am
Office hours: M,W,F 10-11 am.