Sergei Katsev

Associate Professor • Large Lakes Observatory & Department of Physics • University of Minnesota Duluth


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   Current and past students:

Leland McmillenUndergraduate UROP researcher, Chemistry, 2014.
Testing the homogeneity of flow in sediment flow-through reactors.

Joshua ErspamerUndergraduate UROP researcher, Physics, 2013.
Creater of a GUI interface for the diagenetic model LSSE-Mega.

Jiying Li

Jiying Li Ph.D. Water Resources Science - In progress.
M.Sc. Water Resources Science, 2011.

Sediment geochemistry. Lake Superior.

Matthew Kistner

Matthew Kistner M.Sc. Water Resources Science., 2013.
Reactivity of organic carbon in Lake Superior.

Arthur Aaberg M.Sc. Physics, 2013.
Warming and stratification changes in Lake Kivu, East Africa.

David Miklesh Undergraduate researcher. B.Sc. Physics 2012.
Diagenetic modeling. Lake Superior.

Currently M.Sc. student at the Deparment of Marine Sciences, University of Georgia

Arjun Nepal

Arjun Nepal M.Sc. Physics 2009.