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Sociology 3530 Instructor: Sharon Kemp

QUALITATIVE RESEARCH METHODS Office: 211 Cina, Ph. 726-6110

Spring Quarter 1999 Office Hours:1:00-2:00TTH and by appointment

Class meets TTH 2:00-3:40 224 Cina



This course aims to introduce ethnographic research methodology. The emphasis is on the use and integration of qualitative techniques, emic and etic approaches, research design, ethical considerations and the relationship of method to theory. Students will practice observational, interviewing and recording techniques in the course of doing a complete research project.


Sociology 3500 and Composition 3160 or Department Consent


Berg Qualitative Research Methods for the Social Sciences (B)

Kutsche Field Ethnography, A Manual for Doing Cultural Anthropology (K)

Michrina and Richards Person to Person: Fieldwork, Dialogue and the Hermeneutic Method (MR)


Mid-term Examination 20% 40 pts.

Class Assignments 30% 60 pts.

*Listed in the syllabus on the day each is due. These are to be typed and handed in on the date due. Late papers will be penalized.

The Big Ethnography 30% 60 pts.

To facilitate learning about the use of qualitative research methods you are to conduct your own research project. This may be done with a partner.

Final Exam Friday, Feb 26, 12-2 PM   20% 40 pts.



Individuals who have any disability, either permanent or temporary, which might affect their ability to perform in this class are encouraged to inform the instructor at the start of the quarter. Adaptations of methods, materials or testing may be made as required.



A. Preparing for Qualitative Research

I. 11/30 Introduction B Ch. 1

12/2 Doing Fieldwork MR Helpful Hints

Landsman and Oien K pp. 1-26

12/4 Qualitative Research

Prof. Elliott

II. 12/7 *Map of a Block

12/7-12/11 Hermeneutic Method MR Chs. 1, 2, 10

12/11 *Private Language(2-3 pages) K pp. 27-37.

III. 12/14-12/18 Ethics MR Ch. 8

American Culture B Ch.3

12/18 *Body Language K pp. 8-9, 38-47


B. Methods of Qualitative Fieldwork

IV. 1/4-1/8 Topic Selection K pp. 85-102

Research Design B Ch. 2

Field Notes MR Chs. 3-5

1/8 *Report on Research Scene

V. 1/11-1/15 Participant Observation K pp. 103-122

The People You Talk With B Ch. 6

1/15 Mid-term Exam MR Ch. 6

VI. 1/18 No Class K Pp. 123-151

1/20-1/22 Methods: Interviewing B Chs. 4, 5

MR Ch. 4

VII. 1/25-1/29 Methods: Interviewing K pp.152-181

Observations, Other B Ch. 8; Select either:

B 10 or B 10 & MR 11

C. Analysis and Presentation of Data

VIII. 2/1-2/5 Analysis: The Search for Pattern K pp. 182-206 Analysis: Theoretical Focus B Ch. 11, pp. 18-23

MR Ch. 7

IX. 2/8-2/12 Contract Research B Ch 12

Making Recommendations MR Ch 9

X. 2/15-2/19 Presentation of Research Review as needed &

Reports Write

XI. 2/22 Presentations Continued

*Papers Due: The Big Ethnography

Final Exam: 8-9:55 Saturday, February 27