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Anthropology 3628 Instructor: Sharon Kemp



Spring Quarter 1999  Office Hours:

9-10:05 MWF and by appointment


Course Description

This course provides a survey of the position, life cycle and images of women, primarily in non-Western cultures. Sociocultural factors which influence and inform the lives of women are examined including kinship, modes of production, industrialism, social stratification, colonialism and development.


Course Objectives

To broaden our understandings of women and women's lives in the non-Western world. To investigate determinants of women's status cross-culturally with a focus on the structure of gender relations, the social roles of women and the cultural definitions of women in selected societies.


Required Texts

Sarah Mitter, Dharma’s Daughters

Yolanda Murphy and Robert Murphy, Women of the Forest

Bouthaina Shaaban, Both Right and Left Handed: Arab Women Talk About Their Lives

Carol Stack, All our Kin

Martha Ward, A World Full of Women


Video Materials

The films shown in class supplement the readings and should be watched carefully and critically.


Exams and Grading

Mid-term Exam--April 8 25%

Class Participation 25%

Discussion; Class Contributions

Project/Paper/Journaling & Clipping 25%

Final Exam--May 21 25%



You are expected to attend class regularly. Examinations cover lectures, discussions, readings and films. Final grades are based on total point score.


Special Facilities and Arrangements

Individuals who have any disability, either permanent or temporary, which might affect their ability to perform in this class are encouraged to inform the instructor at the beginning of the quarter. Adaptations of methods, materials, or testing may be made as required to provide for equitable participation.


Course Outline and Reading Schedule

Readings should be done before the assigned class in order to participate in and benefit from discussions, lectures and films as much as possible.




I. 3/9-13 Introduction Ward, Chs. 1 & 2

Theoretical Issues FILM: Kypseli


II. 3/16-20 Biocultural Markers Ward, Chs. 3, 4, 5

Primates FILM: Intro to Chimp


Women Centered Families


III. 3/23-27 American Women Stack, All Our Kin Centered Families

FILM: Janie's Janie


IV. 3/30-4/3 Systems of Separation Ward, Ch. 6

Women of the Forest Murphy and Murphy, Ch.1-6


V. 4/6-4/8 Women of the Forest Murphy and Murphy, Ch. 7-9



VI. 4/13-4/17 Third Gender Systems Ward, Ch 7 & 8

Women and Religion

Dharma’s Daughters Mitter, Intro, Part 2, Ch 7-11


VII. 4/20-4/24 Dharma’s Daughters Mitter, Pts 1 & 3, Ch. 1-6,12-15

FILM: Courtesans of

Bombay; XXXXX


VIII. 4/27-5/1 Colonialism and the Third Ward, Ch. 9


Both Right and Left Handed Shaaban, Pts 1 & 2



IX. 5/4-5/8 Colonialism Continued Shaaban, Pts 3 & 4

FILM: Maasai Women

Human Rights Ward, Ch. 10


X. 5/11-5/15 Project/Paper Presentations


XI. 5/18 FINAL EXAM:Thursday 10-11:55