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I have been fortunate to have outstanding students work in my research lab over the years. For every single student a research experience proved extremely beneficial towards determining their interests and clarifying future occupational goals.

Students enjoy working in the safe, new environement of the recently constructed $33 million dollar Swenson Science Building. The lab consists of four fume hoods, mulitple bench tops, desks for students, and networked computers. If you are interested in a position in lab, please contact Dr. Berry for information on available spots.

Current Students
Christine Hedstrom, Cell Biology BS '14
Emmalee Toldo, BMB BS '14
Alexandra Sauer, BMB BS '14
Valerie Bruner, BMB BS '15 Paul Yager. BMB BS '14 Kristina Provost. BMB BS '16

Jacob Strange, MS '13 Balabhadra Khatiwada, MS '14 Garrett Stoddard, MS '14
Lab Group, Spring 2013    
Past Students*
Christine Meyer '13 Pharmacy School, U of Minnesota
Sarah Pedersen, '13 Genetics Ph.D. Program, Iowa State
Chuhan Zong, '12 Biochemistry Ph.D. Program, Princeton University
Andrew McCabe, '12 MS program, Environmental Engineering, U. of Minnesota
Gregory Reynolds, '11 Biochemistry Ph.D. Program, U of Wisconsin Madison
Fan Jiang, '10
National University of Health Sciences, Chicago, IL
Yuan Li, '10 Biochemistry MS program, Long Island University
Melanie Halverson, '10 Chemistry MS program, UMD
Jason Wittrock, 10
Goal: Pharmacy School
Madelyn Baker, 09
Pharmacy School , U of Minnesota
Jacob Gauer, 09
Chemistry MS program, UMD
Kelsi Swanson, 09
Pharmacy School , U of Minnesota
Amanda Wutschke, 09
Pharmacy School , U of Minnesota
Mike Dahlby, 08
Chemistry MS program, UMD
Elise Mostad, 08
Integrated Biosciences MS program, UMD
Adam Quinn, 08
EMT, Bemidji , MN , Goal: Medical School
Joe Schneider, 08
Biochemistry MS program, UMD
Nick Zehm, 08
Biochemistry Ph.D. program
Laura Brigl, 07
Clinical Lab Science Program, U of Minnesota
Jason Dorweiler, 07
Chemistry MS program, UMD
Marie Foss, 07
Biochemistry Ph.D. Program, U of Wisconsin Madison
Emily Hilgeman, 07
Paddock Labs, Pharmaceuticals, Minneapolis , MN & School of Public Health MS program, U of Minnesota
Jon Mayers, 07
Biochemistry Ph.D. Program, U of Wisconsin Madison
Nicole Reardon, 07
Dental School , U of Minnesota
Ashley Woodford, 07
General Mills, Food scientist, Minneapolis , MN & Nutrition Graduate Program, U of Minnesota
Casmir Ilenda Research Talk award winners
Jason Dorwieler, MS 09 LKT technologies, Minneapolis , MN
Oleksandra Kniazieva , MS 09
Employment, Kiev , Ukraine
Audrey Schenewerk, MS '10 Bastyr University, Naturopathic Medicine Program
Erika Bladholm, MS '11 Instructor, University of Minnesota Duluth
Melanie Ladd (Halverson), MS '12 Instructor, University of Minnesota Duluth





* Please contact me with updated information at !

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