Murder at Glensheen


June 27, 1977 Elisabeth Mannering Congdon, a wealthy Duluth, MN heiress, was found murdered along with her nurse, Velma Pietila. At the time, both lived in what has long been called Glensheen, an immense mansion built on the shores of Lake Superior by Congdon's grandfather, Chester Congdon.

Later, Marjorie Caldwell, Congdon's adopted daughter, and her husband, Roger Caldwell, were charged with murder. Over what became a 5 year legal battle, Roger Caldwell was convicted of murder in the first and second degrees with Marjorie being aquitted. She was later arrested and jailed on serious, but unrelated charges. This site is dedicated to exploring this event and the Congdon estate of Glensheen.

What's on the site?

The Explore button on the left leads you to a page where you can see the historic Glensheen Mansion through a variety of multimedia including:

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Fun and Games leads you to some more light-hearted content including:

~An animated re-enactment of the event
~A simple game about the murders

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