UMD honors Northland veterans


We invite all of the Veterans Resource organizations to table in our lobby during the production. Each night, we will have tables of information regarding how returning veterans can get the help they need from the appropriate organizations at the local, stage, and national level.

We have created a lobby display honoring local veterans from the major conflicts of the past 70 years, starting with WWII.

The final dress rehearsal is October 20th and it’s going to be an event honoring veterans. Veterans and their family members are invited to attend, especially any WWII and Korean vets.

" The University of Minnesota Duluth would like to honor the veterans of the Northland. We dedicate this display to those brave Americans who have always answered their country’s call to duty and fought no matter what the cause or reason for war. We are proud of those men and women who have played a vital role in defending our freedoms throughout history. The people who have fought and died for this country are valued by all Americans."


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