Dr. Sternberg
Associate Professor Chemical Engineering

Director Environmental Science


I am an associate professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering. The mission of the department is focused on undergraduate education, conducting research, and providing service to the Department, University, and the State of Minnesota.

Current courses

Research focus centers on environmental issues;

  • Contaminant transport in porous media
  • Bioremoval of metal contaminants from water.

Some of my recent service activities include: Lead Negotiator for the University Education Association, the faculty union for the University of Minnesota; University taskforce to revise student evaluations of teaching; College curriculum committee; department representative for engineering accreditation.

I am also serving as the director for the Environmental Science program. This is a new undergraduate degree program started in Fall 2007. The first students will graduate in the Spring 2011. The program offers several tracks for a student to focus their studies: climate processes, environmental chemistry, global resources, habitats, and quantitative methods. The University also offers an undergraduate degree program in Environmental Studies and a Master of Education in Environmental Education

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