On Being Métis

Requiem for Tomasso Carlo Bacigalupo -- Poem
© 1984 Tom Bacig

Going Native: Breeds, Bloods, Renegades and the Métis
© 1992 Tom Bacig

The Way -- Poem
© 1994 Tom Bacig

The Pause Cafe -- Poem
© 1994 Tom Bacig

Half-breeds, Settlers and Rebels: Newspaper Images of the Red River Métis in 1869
© 1997 Tom Bacig

Kiniginige, Knickinick and Canuckanuck: Mixed Metaphors from Rome to Home
© 1998 Tom Bacig

Metaphors for the People: A Presentation Exploring The Métis and the History of Minnesota
© 2000 Tom Bacig

Regarding My Elder -- Memoir
© 1999 Don Bacigalupo

Chocolate Covered Cherries
© 2006 Don Bacigalupo

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