EnEd 5850

Classroom Learning Applications
Fall, 2006

2 credits

Tom Beery: Instructor

Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation
Center for Environmental Education
University of Minnesota, Duluth
1216 Ordean Court
110 SpHC
Duluth, MN 55812-3032

Office:	 235 Engineering
Phone:  (218) 726-7333
email:	 tbeery@d.umn.edu

Course links:


The Child and the Curriculum
Children's Concern for the Natural Environment
Earth in Mind, 1-3
EE as an Integrating Context

Environmental Literacy Scope and Sequence Introduction
The Geography of Childhood
Raising Biophiles
The Double Helix
Erik the Amazing Elastic Boy
Welcome to Kelly Maynard's World
Keys to Quality Youth Development
Jill Torres Power Point

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