Study Guide for ORG 3331 Exam


Note, you will have choices on the exam regarding some questions, however, just because you did not attend a trip does not mean that you won’t be held responsible for information about a particular site;  you have the website and your peers for info. The questions below will make up the exam—not all of them, will be on the exam, but it may include any of the following.


Remember, we will take the exam AFTER the synthesis activities next Friday; 1-2:30 will be synthesis and 2:45-whenever (3:30-4:00) will be the exam time.



  1. Consider energy conservation, energy education and green design ideas at HNC, DP and WRELC.  Use specific examples to share how these sites are similar.  How do they differ in their approaches? DETAILS.
  2. Compare TRAINING (internships, new staff positions, etc.) at HNC, DP and WRELC.  How are these approaches similar?  How are they different?  Where would you want to be hired based on the approach?
  3. I talked of Outdoor Education as an umbrella term—many approaches included under the heading.  Use the terms from this class to describe HNC, DP, WRELC and Soltreks’ programming.
  4. How does outdoor recreation, say archery, or adventure, say rock climbing, fit with environmental education?
  5. What does the term environmental/ecological literacy mean?  Are any of the programs we visited working toward that outcome?
  6. What is the difference between a boot camp and wilderness therapy?
  7. What is wilderness therapy?
  8. What is the Cibolo Nature Center Story? (Describe in no more than 8 sentences.)
  9. Use your text and the experience at Wolf Ridge to address your thoughts on the use of captive animals as educational tools.
  10. Restoration—how are Cibolo and HNC both examples of reclaiming land?
  11. What is HNC’s mission?  What is the Vision?
  12. Consider land management and program relationship to land resources…how are HNC and DP similar in these respects?  What is unique about WRELC and Soltreks in these respects?