Winter into Spring Lesson

Rubric for presentation assessment

24 points







High quality content—interesting and informational, audience questions answered (information beyond actual presentation)

Interesting and accurate content—more quality (in-depth) or quantity needed.

Inaccurate and/or insufficient content

Effective communication

Quality use of voice (volume and tone), body positioning, enthusiasm and positive approach.

Partially effective use of voice, body position, enthusiasm and overall positive approach.

Ineffective use of voice, body positioning.  Presenter not engaged with topic nor audience.





Use of Site

Specific location at Bagley chosen with direct relevance to presentation.

Functional site chosen.

Site is not an effective choice; site may be a distraction to presentation; other better sites available.

Time management

10-15 minutes

<15 or >10 minutes

Cut off due to length or finished within 5 minutes.

Use of props

High quality:  useful, relevant, engaging use of props;  props are highly functional for intended purpose, weather conditions

Useful and relevant props. Functional props for conditions.

Props are either low quality or not functional for intended purpose/