EnEd 4996

Outdoor Education Internship

Instructor: Tom Beery

Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation
Center for Environmental Education
University of Minnesota, Duluth
1216 Ordean Court 110 SpHC
Duluth, MN 55812-3032
Office: 235 Engineering
Phone: (218) 726-7333
email: tbeery@d.umn.edu

Course Information and Links:

The purpose of this internship is for students to spend an entire semester applying and refining their academic and field training in a real-world, professional setting. This internship experience involves not only the actual experience, but reflecting on and learning from the expereince through related assignments. This is a final, capstone experience, similar to a student-teaching experience for those preparing to become classroom teachers. Internships are worth 12 credits and carry an equivalent workload of 40 hours/week for 15 weeks (600 hours). Internships should be completed within a single semester. Your internship will typically be your last semester of the program.

1. Planning your Internship (including "Agreement of Affiliation" form) . Please note the list of Internship site sources listed below.

2. Registering for your Internship: After submitting the signed orignal plus three copies of the "Agreement of Affiliation" to your advisor, you will be given a permission number to register for your internship. You need to register for all credits for the term that you are actually doing your internship. If you internship will be in a site further than 75 miles from Duluth, ask your advisor for a Request for Waiver of Student Service Fee.

3. Professional Expectations during your Internship.

4. Assignments during your Internship. Complete this checklist prior to the start of your internship.

5. Grading: Internships are currently graded as pass/no-pass. NOTE: Failure to submit completed work according to the timeline specified with each assignment (with the last due date being the end of Week 15) will result in a "no-

pass" grade; you will be required to repeat your internship if you receive a "no-pass" grade!

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