Environmental Education/Outdoor Education Seminar


ENED 5998

Mondays 4-5pm

Sports and Health Center Room 208

Coordinator: Tom Beery, 726-7333, tbeery@d.umn.edu, www.d.umn.edu/~tbeery


Graduate Students

The goal of Environmental Education/Outdoor Education Seminar is threefold:

  1. Solicit input from peers on your work related to the development of your graduate thesis;
  2. Report on your research that is associated with your graduate thesis.
  3. Learn more about environmental education/OE activity/programs and research that occurs in our region.


Your participation and input is welcome and vital to the success of the seminar.  Each graduate student will present at least twice during studies at UMD:


  1. The first presentation is a preliminary thesis presentation - you will report on the direction you are going, present your ideas on your problem statement, discuss some of the preliminary literature you have explored, explain your thoughts on how you plan on doing your research, and ask questions of others in the profession.  Your peers and faculty will then provide input and ask questions that may help you formulate your plan in a clearer manner.  This is an informal seminar that is more of a discussion format.  The goal is to help you in your thesis development.
  2. Your second presentation will occur after your thesis is completed to an extent that the chair of your committee will approve you to present your work.  You must have Chapter Four completed and approved by your committee chair before you can present. This will be a formal presentation of your work.


Each graduate student will register for a minimum of one credit (and a max of 2 credits) in their UMD career.  See Tom for course and registration numbers.  Graduate presenters are expected to extend invitations to their thesis committee, as well as inform Tom about A/V needs (slide projector, powerpoint, etc.) for their presentation. 


Undergraduate Students

The goal of Environmental Education/Outdoor Education Seminar is twofold:

  1. Learn more about environmental education/OE activities and research that occurs in our region.
  2. Develop a pre-professional network of students, instructors and community members that can guide, advise and inspire your studies.


It is expected that undergraduates will play an active role at seminar, asking questions, engaging in discussion, taking notes and presenting ideas; your participation and input is vital to the success of the seminar. Attendance is mandatory for full course credit (no seminar on 9/20 for undergrads). Each class miss will result in a 10% grade reduction.  Undergraduates can register for one S/N credit under ENED 5998.