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Mu 1361 and Mu 4361: Applied Clarinet

Instructor: Dr. Theodore A. Schoen
Office: 239H
Phone: 726-8279
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Office hours: By appointment

Course Description

Individual one - hour weekly applied lesson .


2 credit hour for all BM and BA majors excluding Performance majors.

3 credit hours for Performance majors

Course Objectives

1. To work with the student on various techniques and repertoire of the clarinet and/or saxophone.
2. To provide the student with instruction in preparation for their jury examination.

Required Materials

1. Students are required to provide all lesson materials, including solos, etudes, orchestral excerpts and scale studies. These materials can be obtained from most music stores and music libraries. A good source for ordering music is Jeanne Music at, J.W. Pepper at, Sheet Music Plus at or Eble Music at  The instructor will not supply copies of lesson materials.

2. A tuner and a metronome.

3. An assignment notebook (PDA's or appointment books are acceptable)

4. Applied lesson practice sheet. (optional)

 Students who do not obtain the above required materials after a reasonable amount of time will receive a lower semester grade.

Class and Master Class Schedule, and Attendance Requirements

Lessons will be scheduled at the beginning of each semester. Master class will be schedule on Thursday from 1:00 - 1:50 PM. A schedule of master class dates are listed online and are also available at lessons. PLEASE NOTE: Master classes are mandatory. A student must notify me at least 24 hours in advance if he/she cannot attend a scheduled lesson or make-up lesson. Contacting me by E-mail,, or by phone, (218) 726-8279, are the only acceptable ways of notifying me. A make-up lesson will be scheduled with me or a graduate TA only for excused absences caused by illness or attendance at require UMD events. If the student misses a make-up, the lesson will be forfeited. Students are allowed one (1) unexcused absence per semester. Additional unexcused absences from these classes will result in a lowering of one grade per class missed. In addition, the student is expected to attend the recitals or performances presented by members of the clarinet or saxophone studio.


Master Class/ Recital Hour Performances

All students must perform on a minimum of one masterclasse per semester. Grades will be lowered one half letter grade if a masterclass performance is not played.

All students beginning in their second year of study, must perform on at least one recital hour per year. Performance majors must perform in one recital hour each semester. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain the date of the recital hour performance. If a student does not perform on the required number of recital hours, their grade will be lowered one half grade.


Woodwind juries will be held during finals week. Dates will be posted as soon as possible. The student is responsible for signing up for a jury time and securing an accompanist for the jury if needed.


Preparation and Practice

Students are expected to prepare for their lessons. B.M. degree (Non-performance majors) and B.A. degree students are required to practice a minimum of one (1) hour per day for a total of seven (7) hours per week. Performance majors are required to practice a minimum of three (3) hours per day for a total of twenty one (21) per week. Students should come to lessons warmed up and prepared to begin. If it is apparent that a student has not practiced his/her assigned lesson, they may be asked to leave, and that lesson will be forfeited and the student will receive zero (0) points for the lesson. The student will receive one of the following number of points for each lesson:

3 - All of the lesson was excellently prepared.
2 - The lesson was adequately prepared.
1 - Some of the lesson was prepared.
0 - Lesson was not prepared.


Grades will be determined by the following criteria:

· Preparation of applied lesson (See Preparation and Practice above) 60%
· Jury grade 30%
· Attitude/effort 10%

Students with disabilities:
It is the policy and practice of the University of Minnesota Duluth to create inclusive learning environments for all students, including students with disabilities.  If there are aspects of this course that result in barriers to your inclusion or your ability to meet course requirements – such as time limited exams, inaccessible web content, or the use of non-captioned videos – please notify the instructor as soon as possible.  You are also encouraged to contact the Office of Disability Resources to discuss and arrange reasonable accommodations.   Please call 218-726-6130 or visit the DR website at <> for more information. 

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