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Group Topics

September - Welcome Back!
Topics To Explore…
• Get Ready For School
• Set Goals For Myself
• One Thing I Would Like To Learn Or Improve On This Year?

October - What Is Group?
Topics To Explore…
• Group Contracts
• Program Expectations
• What Is A Weekly Contract?
• Why Do I Contract?
• Goal Setting – How To Set Achievable & Realistic Goals
• S.M.A.R.T.
• UBVQ Program Commitment

November - Success In School
Topics To Explore…
• Time Management
• Start a Portfolio
• Deadlines
• Letters of Recommendation, Personal Statements, Resumes
• Attend All Classes
• Complete All Homework
• School/Community Resources
• Investigate Careers
• What Are My Class Graduation Requirements
• Am I On Track?

December - Post-Secondary Education
Topics To Explore…
• What Types of Colleges Are There?
• What Education Is Needed For My Career?
• What is PSEO?
• How Can PSEO Get Me Free College Tuition?
• What Are The PSEO Requirements?
• Research Colleges That Interest Me or That Specialize In My Career Choice
• Complete College Applications
• Apply For Scholarships – Institutional & Other
• Apply For Federal Grants & Loans

January - Testing, Testing, Testing!
Topics To Explore…
• What Is The MCA II?
• What Is The ACT?
• What Is The SAT?
• What Is The PSAT?
• What Is The No Child Left Behind Act?
• Why Do We Take The Iowa Basics Tests?
• Test Taking Skills & Techniques

February - Personal Empowerment
Topics To Explore…
• Building Self-Esteem
• Self Awareness/Getting To Know Myself
• Role Models/People I Look Up To/Who Look Up To Me
• Being A Role Model
• Mentors – Who Are They?
• Speakers
• Strength In Culture

March - Careers…What Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up?
Topics To Explore…
• Research Careers
• Are My Classes On Track For Graduation
• Research Colleges
• Internship Opportunities
• Speakers
• Visit A Library And Research Careers
• Research The Occupational Outlook
• Research Colleges With The College Book

April - Special Topics
Topics To Explore…
• Topics That I Would Like To Further Explore With My UBVQ Advisor.

May - Graduation & Beyond
Topics To Explore…
• Transition To The Next Level
• Wrapping Things Up/Making Sure I Have Completed Everything
• Talk With UBVQ Alumni
• Sign Up For Summer Program

June - Summer Program Is Here!
Topics To Explore…
• Attend Summer Program!!!
• Experience College Life In Summer Program!!!

July - What Does UBVQ Mean To Me?
Topics To Explore…
• How Has Summer Program Helped Me?
• What Do I Like/Dislike About Summer Program?
• What Part Of Summer Program Benefits Me Most?

August - Thinking About My Future… What’s Next?
Topics To Explore…
• Think About My Future Goals & How I Plan To Achieve Them
• Get Ready For School