Drug of The Month: Sofosbuvir

Sofosbuvir is a newly approved drug for the treatment of chronic hepititus C virus. The drug is meant to mimic nucleotides and prevent a the funciton of a protein vital for viral replication

Lab Tour

This is where most of the design and synthesis happens.


Proving safety and application a drug is ready then for clincal trials. This is done using mice models that are known and approved.

University of Minnesota: Duluth

A great university on the magnificent lake superior

Dr. Venkatram Mereddy

Discovery and Development of Novel Small Molecule Therapeutics

Our lab works on the development of novel small molecules as potential anticancer, antitubercular and antifungal agents. We carry out extensive synthetic and biological studies to identify lead molecules for further clinical development.

Contact e-mail: vmereddy@umn.edu

Phone: 218-726-6766

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Our Goals

Design, synthesize, and perform biological evaluation of novel small molecules therapeutics for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Furthermore, we specialize in new synthetic routes to form more complex and new structures..