The purpose of the in vivo tests is to establish first the toxicity of the compounds. Following systemic toxicity tests the compounds are then tested for their anticancer efficacy in different tumor models. In our lab various mice based tumor models have been validated. These include triple negative breast cancer model, stage IV metastatic syngeneic breast cancer model, pancreatic cancer, and glioblastomia multiforme models. This paves the way for testing the efficacy of numerous candidate compounds that have been discovered in our lab.

Some key terms:

  • Syngenic: is a strain of cells that has been grown within a specific strain of mouse, and will grow in other similar strains without the need for immunocompromised mice
  • Xenograft: It is in a position in the mouse that it was not originally found in. Usually these models are done in the flank of the mouse
  • Orthotopic: This means that it is implanted at the original organ that the cell line was found within. For example glioblastomas implanted within the brain.