Graduate Student Manifesto

All of the graduate students come from very diverse backgrounds, but they all have one common goal. This goal is to learn and master as many techniques as possible, and become self-sufficient in all aspects of drug discovery. They have a diverse field of expertise and are the workhorses behind the many projects.

All the graduate students are organic chemists by trade. Many have both majored and mastered in chemistry. Some have also completed a degree in biochemistry and molecular biology. The graduate students in this lab have devoted hard work, and believe that learning can only be done through action.

Each student also gives back to society by training in the next generation of scientists. It is not only an experience for them, but also a wonderful experience for the undergraduates as they get a head start on their careers.

Furthermore, some graduates students in this lab even take the extra step of tutoring the youth. We feel that it is important to give back to the community in the only way we know how, education.

Currently the students are working towards becoming more interdisciplinary as there is a need for scientists that have a very diverse and comprehensive background. All in vitro tests are designed and implicated by these students. Our policy is to be proficient in all stages of development.