Some available equipment in the lab, department, or as a part of collaborative research:

A new Varian 500 MHz as well as two 300 MHz spectrometers are available for research including high-sensitivity and low-frequency probes.

Single crystal X-ray diffraction experiments are performed on our new Rigaku RAPID II image plate X-ray diffractometer. Mo and Cu Ka wavelengths are available for data collection. Experiments can be conducted between room and -150 C temperatures.

Our Brucker EPR spectrometer is rather old, but was recently updated with new computer interface and other features.

Several Hewlett-Packard IR spectrometers can be routinely used to study vibration spectra of new compounds.

We have several UV-Vis-NIR spectrometers from Hewlett-Packard and Ocean Optics, which allow us to study optical properties of new complexes. We just aquired two new UV-Vis-NIR spectrometers from Jasco and StellarNet, which cover 185 - 2650 nm range.

Our Cary fluorimeter from Varian is used to study the excited states properties of our new materials.

ESI/APCI LC and MALDI-TOF mass spectrometers are available at the Twin Cities campus and hopefully will be available too at UMD soon.

Electrochemical and spectroelectrochemical equipment is available for the investigation of redox properties of new compounds.

A new MBraun LabMaster glove box with a single filter column gas purification system is used for the manipulation of air-sensitive and moisture-sensitive products and starting materials.

Some of our reactions are carried out under inert atmosphere and several inert gas/vacuum lines are available in the lab.

A new solvent purification system does not require any distillation.

Several powerful PC-based workstations (i.e. P4, 3.6 GHz, 2 Gb of 533 MHz RAM, 2 10,000 prm HDD in Raid 0 configuration) along with possibility to work on Minnesota Supercomputing Institute facilities are available for the DFT calculations. In addition, we just installed two new workstations with 128 CPU cores and 512Gb RAM for DFT calculations.



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