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Organic Chemistry II, Fall 2012

Chem 2542 (Organic II lectures) and Chem 2544 (Organic II lab)

Dr. Viktor V. Zhdankin

Office: Chem. 341, Phone: 726-6902; office hours: M, W, F 10:00 to 10:50 am (before lecture) or by appointment

Chem 2544 lab materials


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See following links for information on the course and handouts:

Chem 2542 Syllabus

Sample Exams (in PDF format)

List of Recommended sections to read and problems from “Organic Chemistry”, 5th edition by Brown, Foote, Iverson, & Anslyn 

Current Grades (eGradebook)

Keys to Quizzes and Exams

Grading Policies

Sapling Learning Self-Study Courses (additional self-study resources)


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