Young Activist Summit, April 4th, 2009

UMD students for peace hosts the first
Twin Ports Youth Activists' Summit
Saturday, April 4th, 2009
10:00am - 3:30pm
Kirby Rafters @ UMD campus.

Our keynote speaker for the event will be Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer,
former DFL Senate Candidate and has authored several books on hunger
issues, war, and foreign policy.

The general outline for the day's activities are as follows:

10:00 - 10:20 - Gathering
10:20 - Welcome
10:30 - Keynote Address by Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer
11:30 - 1st Round of Breakout Sessions
12:30 - Lunch Break
1:15 - 2nd Round of Breakout Sessions
2:30 - Round Table Discussion for the Future of Youth Activism in the
Twin Ports

Breakout session topics are in the process of being finalized, but the
four tentative topics are: Restorative Justice, Non-Hierarchical
Organizational Structures, Diversity, and Political Theater.

Food will be served.


If it should so happen that classes are canceled tomorrow, we will NOT be having our meeting as scheduled. We will work on a time to put together our displays for our action at a later time. Good luck if you are traveling in this snowy mess!

Concerning our event on March 26th, we are getting set to go with people taking on some tasks:

Mollie: Researching Military budget and other governmental expenditures
Coly: Drafting letters to send to our new president
Someone: Making a postcard design to send our letters on

As for the Activist Gathering that is slated for April 4th, we may have Jack Nelson-Palmeyer as our keynote speaker. He has expressed interest, and we are awaiting a reply confirming. For the breakout sessions planned, we have four great potential options lined up awaiting for replies from facilitators:

1. Restorative Justice Circles
2. Non-Hierarchical Organization Techniques
3. Diversity within Organizations
4. Political Theater or Poster Designing

Finally, next week, we are planning to design our large graphical display of government expenditures. This will take time, but for those that show up we are pooling together to buy pizza! So please, RSVP so we know how many to expect. We discussed this at the meeting, and if those taht come could pitch in three dollars or more, we'll be in good shape. A reminder will go out next week about this as well.


A few things:

We'll be joining the Northland Anti-War Coalition for the monthly National Iraq Moratorium demonstration. We'll be picketing on the corner of Woodland Ave & College St at 4:30 pm.

We really want to stress
the importance of student involvement for this one, since it's right by UMD. There's no reason it shouldn't have a big student turnout... so gather all the people you know to come! If the prospect of giving peace a voice isn't enough, Bryan will bring homemade cookies! Nom Nom Nom!

Posters are up.


Bake SALE! We'll be hosting a bake sale fundraiser on October 28-30th, so we'll need to form a finalized tabling schedule at our next few meetings. We'll also plan on having a baking party prior to the bake sale, so we can all get together and share ovens. And good cheer. And peace?


Hey! The website has been updated for 2008-2009! BUT, webmaster Bryan has determined that this website isn't jiving anymore, and a new flashy one with our new logo & design scheme is in order.

So as soon as some free time rolls around, a new website will as well...

Information about the RNC Protests are available upon request. Please contact Coly at wentz041@d.umn.edu, or recieve the information through the student mailing lists.