Acme Aerospace

To:†††††††††† Kelly Adams, Executive Officer

From:†††† Tyler Winter

Date:††††† 4/9/2005

Re:††††††††† Department Supervisor Promotion


With the retirement of our current department supervisor comes the need to promote someone.To recommend one of my colleagues I must follow the criteria laid down by Acme Aerospace.The three criteria, in order of importance are knowledge, management, and the ability to work well with colleagues.In accordance with Acme policy I recommend Chris Clinton.




Knowledge is gained both through education and experience.By becoming lead engineer in the engineering department Chris Clinton has demonstrated that he/she has the knowledge necessary.Chris has a B.S. in engineering and a M.B.A.Pat Jefferson has worked at Acme for 12 years but, has only advanced to the level of engineer.Pat also lacks the education desired for this position with only two years of college completed.Kim Kennedy has been at Acme for only two years and does not have the engineering education necessary for this position.Kim has a B.S. in business with a minor in engineering and a M.B.A.


One of a department supervisorís primary duties is the management and organization of their department.Chris Clinton has the education and experience necessary to properly manage an engineering department. Chris was a member of the IEEE Commission for Management Innovation and specialized in Total Quality Management and global concerns.Chris also has acquired management experience as the lead engineer of the engineer department.Pat Jefferson has not been in a management position within Acme Aerospace, but has taken one college class on management.Kim Kennedy has a strong educational background in management, but has had only two years work experience, as an engineering department liaison.


The ability to work and collaborate with others is essential when working at Acme Aerospace.Supervisors must both be able to collaborate and dictate even when it is unpopular.Chris has been a valued resource to me, especially with new management techniques.Both Kim and Pat are popular among their coworkers.Some people have reported difficulties with Chris but, this has not prevented him/her from scoring high on yearly evaluations.




I recommend Chris Clinton because of his/hers extensive knowledge in the field of engineering, experience and knowledge of management techniques, and history at Acme Aerospace.Kim Kennedy has an ample management education but lacks the real world experience and engineering knowledge necessary to lead a department.Pat Jefferson has a long history with Acme Aerospace and extensive knowledge of engineering but lacks the management experience and education to be a department supervisor.






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