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Population Size, Growth and Control of Exotic Goldfish (Crassius atratus) in a Small Impoundment: Implications for Managing Future Invasions


Goldfish Links


Minnesota Public Radio story on the Goldfish in Rock Pond

Provides excellent coverage of the Rock Pond invasion including pictures of the goldfish.


Seagrant's Version of the Rock Pond Invasion


USGS Non-indigenous Aquatic Species Site

This site offers excellent information, including a searchable database of invasions by species, state and watershed.


Goldfish Pictures




This goldfish was collected from Rock Pond at the University of Minnesota Duluth.  It is by far the oldest and largest goldfish collected, it was 5 years old, 11.5 inches long and weighed almost 1lb.  The next oldest fish were all three years old, and only eight inches long.




This picture shows the variation in color, and the rate of color change, for the goldfish in Rock Pond.  The first fish is solid orange with long fins is 3 years old, the next four fish are 2 years old, and the last fish is only one year old.