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wanda j. pearcy / assistant professor / university of minnesota / art + design / 317 humanities / 1201 ordean court / duluth, mn / 55807


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south shore, mn
south shore flipped


I am interested in using artistic practice as a vehicle for transformation.  The subjects I am most drawn to are relationships, those of intimacies between people and extending that relationship to the land or environment.  Organic processes such as: seasons and the weather, aging and death, dirt and plant life, decay and regeneration, i.e. organic life ... play a part in how I distill information and see the world in a continual state of flux.  When comparing the human body I see similar processes that suggest we are not separate from the landscape, but a living part, existing as part of the landscape.  My work explores this connection between the human experience and the land.  My thoughts and desires for change are channeled through environments as I explore the ramifications of what this means to me, to 'be' the land, merging with the landscape. My goal is to actively examine my values and dreams and become them, and use photography to document that process. I am seeking balance, a life that creativity is employed to affect connection with the natural world, bring about connection that is symbiotic and regenerative, a connection that includes a cyclical way of behaving and understanding myself with the environment. I see the human animal, as a participant in the regenerative process of the global ecological system.