Master of Science Advisor

KROC, M. (In Progress)
      Tentatively on Statistical Analysis on LiDAR Data with ecological applicaition
TANG, Y. (In Progress)
       Tentatively on Response Adaptive Clincal Designs with Mismeasurment

KIM, S. (Aug. 2016)
       Adaptive Designs for Normal Responses with Mismeasured Covariates
BORCHERT, K. (Jan. 2015, Jointly with K. James)
       A Study of longitudinal Data Analysis with Application
KAR, S. (Aug. 2014, Jointly with B. James)
       Probability based Premium Calculation for LTCI

UROP Mentor

Lawrence, A. (2015)
        The Effects of Climate Changes on the Insurance Industry
Hu, C. (2014-2015)
        Statistical Analysis of Adverse Reaction Rate among Infants of Pandemic Vaccine in United States [Presented at NCUR 2015]
Anderson, S. (2014-2015)
        A Statistical Analysis of the Distribution of Medical Emergencies among Various Demographics [Presented at NCUR 2015]
LV, J. (2013-2014)
        Regression-Based Modeling and Analysis: Predicting Stock Prices on Trading Volume, P/E Ratio and Company Size

Committee Member

PATTERSON, A. (in progress, MS, IBS)
       Characterizing roost and habitat preference of forest bats in northern Minnesota
BRENNAN, A. (in progress, PhD, IBS)
       Integration of Passive Sampling Methods into Risk Assessment at Moderately Contaminated Restoration Sites

BOMMANA, B. (2016, MS, CS)
       Towards Reliable User Collabration over Cloud-based File Synchronization System: Dropbox as a Case Study
SANDAHL, M. (2016, MS)
       Statistical Analysis of Google Flu Trends

       Isomorphic Decompositions of Complete Graphs into Unicyclic Graphs
LIU, Y (2015, MS)
       Risk Estimation for Large Covariance Matrix based on POET Estimator
MCGAHAN, I. (2015, MS)
        Covering cover pebbling number of products of paths
PEDERSON, L. (2015, MS)
        Mixed Model Analysis for Repeated Measures of Lettuce Growth
SHEPANIK, A (2015, MS)
        Graph Labelings and Tournament Scheduling
XIAO, Y. (2015, MS)
         A Likelihood Ratio Test for Sphericity of the High-dimensional Normal Distributions

CYR, T. (2014, MS, IBS)
        Spacial and Temporal Abundance of Gastropod Intermediate Hosts in Northeastern Minnesota with Implications for Parelaphostrongylus Tenuis Risk in Moose
FANG, X. (2014, MS)
        A Study of Recommender Systems with Applications
FANNING, B. (2014, MS)
        Periodic Behavior in a Class of Second Order Recurrence Relations
KUANG, Z. (2014, MS)
        Asymptotic Expansion of Eigenvalues for an Abstract System of Coupled Evolution Equations
LILLEGARD, M. (2014, MS)
        Magic Boxes and Related Topics
YAN, X. (2014, MS)
        Bayesian Logistic Regression in Assessing Drug Safety Issues

HELBACH, M. (2013, MS)
        Generalized Linear Mixed Models for Time Trends in Hawk Migrations