Master of Science Advisor

BORCHERT, K. (2013-2014, Jointly with K. James)
       Tentatively on longitudinal data analysis

KAR, S. (2013-2014, Jointly with B. James)
       Probability based Premium Calculation for LTCI

SHRESTHA, D. (2013-2014, Jointly with Y. Qi)
       Tentatively on Lee-carter model and generalization with application

UROP Mentor

Hu, C. (2014-2015)
        Statistical Analysis of Adverse Reaction Rate among Infants of Pandemic Vaccine in United States

Anderson, S. (2014)
        A Statistical Analysis of the Distribution of Medical Emergencies among Various Demographics

LV, J. (2013-2014)
        Regression-Based Modeling and Analysis: Predicting Stock Prices on Trading Volume, P/E Ratio and Company Size

Committee Member

ONGARO, D. (2014-2016, PhD, IBS)

LIU, Y (2014-2015, MS)
SHEPANIK, A (2014-2015, MS)

FANG, X. (2013-2014, MS)
        A Study of Recommender Systems with Applications
FANNING, B. (2013-2014, MS)
KUANG, Z. (2013-2014, MS)
        Asymptotic Expansion of Eigenvalues for an Abstract System of Coupled Evolution Equations
LILLEGARD, M. (2013-2014, MS)
        Magic Boxes and Related Topics
YAN, X. (2013-2014, MS)
        Bayesian Logistic Regression in Assessing Drug Safety Issues

HELBACH, M. (2013, MS)
        Generalized Linear Mixed Models for Time Trends in Hawk Migrations