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Peer-reviewed publications

(*: my graduate student; : corresponding author)

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Submitted manuscripts

  1. L. Ding*, Y. Li, H. Wang, and K. Xu, "Measurement and analysis of cloud user interest: a glance from BitTorrent".
  2. M. Li, P.-J. Shi, Y. Li, J. Liu, T. Xie, and H. Shi, "A Taylor's power law in the Wenchuan earthquake sequence with fluctuation scaling".
  3. Y. Li and Y. Qi, "Asymptotic distribution of modularity in networks".
  4. E. R. Keyel, G. J. Niemi, M. A. Etterson, D. C. Evers, C. DeSorbo, J. C. Hoffman, J. W. Nichols, Y. Li, and F. Nicoletti, "Mercury accumulation in fall migrating raptors".

Work in progress

  1. Y. Li and Z. Zhu, "Nonparametric estimation of covariance functions on spheres".
  2. Y. Wang* and Y. Li, "Zero-inflated multivariate Poisson regression".
  3. H. Papei* and Y. Li, "Stochastic local community detection in networks".
  4. X. Chang* and Y. Li, "On distribution of inter-event distance on a lattice network".


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