Calculus III

INSTRUCTOR: Zhuangyi Liu


OFFICE HOUR: 1:00-2:30 MWF

PHONE: 726-7179


LECTURE: 12:00-12:50, MTuWF, SCC 21

LAB: 12:00-12:50 Th, Mont 209, TA: Yujiong Liu,

TEXTBOOK: Calculus, by James Stewart 7E


  1. Chapter 12 (12.1-6) Vectors and the Geometry of Space
  2. Chapter 13 (13.1-4) Vector Functions
  3. Chapter 14 (14.4,6,7) Partial Derivatives
  4. Chapter 15 (15.1-10) Multiple Integrals
  5. Chapter 16 (16.1-8) Vector Calculus
  1. exam 1, Oct 3, 6-8pm (18%)
  2. exam 2, 9th week, TBA at evening for two hours (18%)
  3. exam 3, 13th week, TBA (18%)
  4. final exam, TBD (20%)
HOMEWORK: due every Wed. (15%)


COMPUTER LAB: Assignments (6%)


  1. 90-100 A
  2. 80-89 B
  3. 70-79 C
  4. 60-69 D

REMARKS: We will have class The class every Tuesday instead of every other Tuesday. This is because I will be out of country for research during Oct 12-27. There will be a substuting teacher for me during the week of Oct 12-16. The other missing classes will be made up by those additional Tuesday classes. On the day of exams in the evening, we will not meet in the morning. If you have time conflict to the evening exams, I can arrange another time which is convenient for you.

(1) Tests must be taken at scheduled times. If a test is missed for a valid reason, then a make-up test can be arranged.

(2) Individuals who have any disability which might affect their ability to perform in the class are encouraged to inform the instructor at the start of the quarter. Adaptation of methods, materials or testing may be made to provide for equal participation.

(3) I will be out of country for research twice this semester. All missing classes will be made-up by using the every other Tuesday class time and the two mid-term exams outside class time.

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