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A Land Acknowledgment is not something you “just do.” Rather, it is a reflection process in which you build mindfulness and intention walking into a gathering. It should be rooted in whose land you are honored to stand on and should guide how you move forward in both conversations and actions.

Acknowledging the land is an important first step in an ongoing process to learn, build relationships with American Indian nations and peoples, and acting "by being accountable towards Native people, communities, and nations by supporting what they say, aligning oneself with the struggle, and speaking up when something problematic is said or done.”


The Campus Climate Leadership Team invites students, alumni, staff, faculty, administrators, and guests to read this acknowledgment at events, include it on syllabi, include it in presentations, and use it in other contexts in which they feel appropriate. UMD powerpoint templates and a complete list of possible boilerplate statements can be found at