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UMD's 125th Anniversary

An aerial shot of the UMD campus in the 1960s, with a logo reading "University of Minnesota Duluth 125."

1895-2020: Celebrating UMD's History

On April 2, 1895 Minnesota Governor David. M. Clough signed legislation approving the creation of the State Normal School at Duluth. Eight years later, in 1903, seven women graduated with teaching degrees. In 1921, the Normal School became the Duluth State Teacher’s College and in 1947, the Teacher's College was named the Duluth Branch of the University of Minnesota.

Throughout 2020, the University of Minnesota Duluth celebrates its 125th anniversary. In those 125 years, UMD has graduated nearly 80,000 individuals. Our alumni come from across Minnesota, the region, the country, and the world. As teachers, social workers, scientists, engineers, artists, and leaders, their impact has been enormous. Let’s celebrate all that we have accomplished and look ahead to the work we have before us.

Three students talking in a dorm room, 1940s, in black and white.
UMD students in a car decorated for the homecoming parade.
An aerial shot of the UMD campus circa the 1940s