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About UMD Seminar


UST 1000 - UMD Seminar facilitates the successful transition into college learning and student life at UMD.


UMD Seminar is designed to assist students in making a successful transition to UMD. It is an introduction to the academic, social, and personal opportunities that UMD has to offer. UMD Seminar requires both practical and reflective learning, where students are encouraged to both participate actively in diverse communities while also delving deeper into their own experience through self-reflection. 


UMD Seminar courses are taught by over 40 members of the UMD faculty and staff from a variety of disciplines spanning the breadth of the institution. If you are interested in becoming a UMD Seminar instructor, contact Samuel Shanks ( 

Dozens of UMD undergraduate students work with instructors to develop and present UMD Seminar course content as well as to mentor students.