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Applied Materials Science M.S.

Program Type: 
Master of Science

Are you interested in solving research and development problems? The MS AMS program will give you the academic background and research tools necessary to be successful in industrial and academic settings. Students who develop an interest in pursuing a Ph.D. will enter such programs well positioned for success.

The MS AMS program is designed with the goal of providing the academic background and research tools necessary to be successful in solving the research and development problems encountered in an industrial setting.

Acquired Skills

Graduates with a MS AMS degree will gain significant breadth and depth in Material Science and Engineering topics. Specifically, students will be able to evaluate critically any material through an understanding of the relationship between processing, structure, properties and performance of the material. These students will also gain practical knowledge and skills in design and characterization of different materials that can be applied immediately to jobs in industrial settings.

Career Possibilities

  • Design Engineer
  • Materials Engineer
  • Metallurgist, Product/Process development Scientist
  • Research Scientist

What you can do with this degree?

Biomedical engineer, Patent examiner, project manager, quality manager, manufacturing systems engineer

Faculty Highlights

The faculty has expertise and ongoing research in the areas of photovoltaics, biomedical materials, tissue engineering, smart materials, composites, paints and coatings, corrosion, materials degradation, recycling, sustainable fabrics, and electronics.


In addition to the general application instructions provided by the Graduate School, visit the Applied Materials Science program page for specific application instructions and deadlines related to the program. Also visit the catalog requirements page linked above for additional information.