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Chinese Area Studies B.A.

Program Type: 
Bachelor of Arts
World Languages and Cultures

The Chinese Area Studies major prepares students to thrive as globally aware and cross-culturally competent citizens through a critical understanding of Chinese cultures. 

The Chinese Area Studies major is an interdisciplinary program that allows students to complete much of their upper division coursework in fields of history, art history, communication, linguistics, philosophy and anthropology and Cultural Entrepreneurship. 

Acquired Skills

Chinese Area Studies majors develop:

  • Mandarin language communication skills 
  • Intercultural competence and a global perspective
  • Analytical and critical thinking skills 

Career Possibilities

Career possibilities include government, international relations, foreign service, immigration services, tourism, and entrepreneurship. After this degree, students can apply for postgraduate programs in Chinese universities with Chinese Government Scholarship, which covers everything for the master's program. 

Admissions and Scholarships

  • Study Abroad Scholarships, $750 
  • WLC Scholarship to support study abroad in China: $1500
  • CAHSS Scholarships to support tuition and expenses: $1500--$5000
  • China Center Scholarships to support study abroad: $1000 
  • Chinese Government Scholarships for single semester or academic year of study in China: all expense except airfare. 

Student Clubs

Chinese Language Learner's Club (CLLC) aims at increasing the Chinese language proficiency, cultural awareness and communications with the native speakers. Activities are organized every week each semester. Students with zero Chinese background are welcome as long as they are curious and tenacious.

Graduate Report

Recent UMD Graduates Job Placement Data & Employers

Here's a sampling of positions and graduate programs Chinese Area Studies grads have attained six months to one year after graduation.

  • Machine Learning/Natural Language Processing Engineer - Fluent City, New York, NY
  • Admissions Counselor - University of Minnesota Duluth, Office of Admissions, Duluth, MN


  • Graduate School, Clinical Psychology, Argosy University, Eagan, MN
  • Graduate School, Diplomacy & International Relations, Seton Hall University

For more data see the Chinese Area Studies Graduate Follow-Up Report.

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