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Consumer Insights and Analytics B.B.A.

Program Type: 
Bachelor of Business Administration

Formerly the Marketing Analytics Program, the Consumer Insights & Analytics program is new for spring 2020.

Do you excel at seeing patterns where others only see random chaos? Does the prospect of analyzing data to reveal insights excite you? Would you like to study why and how consumers interact with the marketplace, products, and services?

If so, the Consumer Insights and Analytics (CIA) major may be a great fit for you.

The CIA major develops students to transform consumer data related to buying behaviors into insights and actionable recommendations for organizations. Students learn to present their insights as solutions to business problems and have 24/7 access to a state-of-the-art analytics lab with sophisticated software tools and industry datasets.

The former Marketing Analytics Program boasts a 100% placement rate and some of the highest average starting salaries for LSBE graduates.

Acquired Skills

  • Use industry software tools to manage, summarize, and analyze consumer and transaction data.
  • Generate insights into consumer needs and identify sales trends and business opportunities. Confidently communicate recommendations to organizational stakeholders.

Career Possibilities

The exponential growth in the generation and accessibility of data presents companies with an opportunity to measure and track the impact of their business decisions on sales and profits with more precision.

As decision-making becomes more data-driven, career opportunities for CIA graduates exist in every industry sector, with job titles such as Marketing Analyst, Business Analyst, Social Media Analyst, Pricing Analyst, Market Research Analyst, and E-Commerce Analyst.

Admissions and Scholarships

Students with a major in LSBE are eligible to apply for more than 120 scholarships, with the total scholarship amount in excess of $200,000 annually.

Student Clubs

The CIA Club is committed to furthering students' interests in marketing and analytics. The club mentors new individuals interested in the field of marketing analytics and teams up with local volunteer organizations within the community. It also plans social events for everyone to partake in.

Faculty Highlights

The CIA program in LSBE is managed by Professor Steve Sharkey. As the director of the program, he teaches marketing analytics courses, coordinates the summer internship program, and assists students in networking activities. He works closely with the program's industry Advisory Committee to offer relevant, real-world learning experiences to students. 


Freshmen and transfer students are typically admitted as pre-business students for all BBA majors. Admission to candidacy status, which allows access to upper division LSBE classes, typically occurs at the junior level when students have successfully completed all pre-major (pre-candidacy) course requirements and met all of the GPA standards.

Students apply for admission to the CIA major during the spring semester of their sophomore year. Admission is based on an interview and academic record review.

Graduate Report

Recent UMD Graduates Job Placement Data & Employers

As of Spring 2020, the Consumer Insights and Analytics B.B.A. has replaced the Marketing Analytics B.B.A.

Here's a sampling of positions Marketing Analytics B.B.A. grads have attained six months to one year after graduation.

  • Marketing Analyst - Bluestem Brands, Eden Prairie, MN
  • Associate Category Development Analyst - Hormel, Cincinnati, OH
  • Analyst - Nielsen, St. Louis Park, MN
  • Category Leadership Analyst - Post Consumer Brands, Lakeville, MN
  • Data Intelligence Associate Analyst - The Lacek Group, Minneapolis, MN

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