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Lake Superior Research

April 2, 2018

Dr. Ted Ozersky, assistant professor of Biology, was featured on Fox 21 Local News.  more

Clean Snowmobile Team Takes Second Place

March 28, 2018

This is the best year yet for members of the UMD Clean Snowmobile Club.  more

Designing the Future

January 25, 2018

Civil engineering students constructed a layout for future bike lanes on St. Marie Street.
An aerial shot of a boat on a lake, surrounded by trees and rock cliffs.

UMD Research Sheds Light on Major Stage of Earth Evolution

January 25, 2018

Primordial oceans had oxygen 250 million years before the atmosphere more

A Better Future for Ethiopia

January 3, 2018

Chemical engineering student Eleni Beshah is determined to bring the knowledge she acquires at UMD back to Addis Ababa.

Holistic Games

December 13, 2017

Computer science and art merge in Charles McGregor’s creations.

Solar, Wind, and More

November 1, 2017

SUN Delegation president aims to further on-campus sustainability.

Clover Science and Genetics

October 22, 2017

From a Colombian veterinarian clinic to Minnesota clover, one UMD student searches for answers

Digging Deep

October 9, 2017

A quest to dig beneath Antarctic Ice.
A bat in a researcher's hands

Seeing the Forest for the Bats

August 17, 2017

It's the dead of night in the middle of nowhere. UMD researchers are hard at work....  more