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Iron Range Alumni Social

UMD is coming to Chisholm for an alumni social!


UMD is coming to Chisholm for an alumni social!

Visit with faculty, staff, and guests while enjoying complimentary drinks and hors d'oeuvres in a fantastic location.

When: Thursday, August 15, 2019
4:30 - 6:30 PM

Where: Minnesota Discovery Center
1005 Discover Dr.
Chisholm, MN 55719


Questions? Email or call 218-726-7748

Below is a list of UMD faculty and staff attending this event.

Faculty & Staff Attending:

Moe Benda, Iron Range Graduate Engineering Education Program
Steve Berry, Department Head of Chemistry
Mary Christiensen, Civil Engineering Associate Professor
Mark Clark, Biology Professor
Val Coit, SCSE Communications Specialist
Richard Davis, Department Head of Chemical Engineering
Fernando Delgado, Executive Vice Chancellor
Ben Dymond, Civil Engineering Assistant Professor/TT
Karen Gran, Department Head of Earth & Environmental Science
Briana Gross, Department Head of Biology
Michele Hatcher. SCSE Director/Advising
Brock Hedegaard, Civil Engineering Assistant Professor/TT
Craig Hill, MIE Assistant Professor/TT
George Hudak, Initiative Director of Mining, Minerals & Metallurgy (NRRI)
Nancy Kienzle, SCSE Executive Office Specialist
Subbaram Naidu, Electrical Engineering Professor
Igor Melnykov, Mathematics & Statistics Assistant Professor/TT
Bob Palumbo, Department Head of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Michael Pluimer, Civil Engineering Assistant Professor/TT
Prashanth Poddutoori, Civil Engineering Assistant Professor/TT
Yongzhi Qu, MIE Assistant Professor/TT
Wendy Reed, Dean of the Swenson College of Science & Engineering
Aaron Ruona, Director of Aerospace Studies/AFROTC
Kristi Schmidt, UMD Corp Foundation and Relations DO
James Sellers, Department Head of Mathematics & Statistics
Wendy Smythe, EES Assistant Professor/TT
Carrie Sutherland,  SCSE Development Officer
Becky Teasley, Associate Dean of the Swenson College of Science & Engineering
Sam Toan, Chemical Engineering E, TT Faculty
Lynne Williams, UMD Marketing & Public Relations Communications Director
Weiguo Xie, Chemical Engineering, TT Faculty