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2018-19 Alumni Volunteers

UMD volunteers

Our mission is to create new experiences, connect alumni, and provide resources for all 75,000 alumni. We're proud of the work that was put in by faculty and staff, alumni, and current students in 2018-19. The success of our volunteers, events, and programming was impressive.

2018-19 Volunteers

First NameLast NameRoleGrad Year
JonathanAckmanMentor Program1999
JamesAndersonMentor Program1999
SteveAroMentor Program2016
JayAustinCoffee & Connections Speaker
BrettBallavanceMentor Program2003
BenjaminBoraasFrozen Four Watch Party Host2002
BenBoyumMentor Program2013
AshleyBrownBulldogs on the Block Host2013
KarleneBrownBulldogs on the Block Host2013
MichaelBucklandMentor Program2008
EmilyBucklandMentor Program2008
ChristopherCarlbergBulldogs on the Block Host1999
EmilCarlson-ClarkMentor Program2002
SteveCasteberryCoffee & Connections Speaker
ConstanceChristensonMentor Program1998
AnneChurchBulldogs on the Block Host1986
JessicaCoffinBulldogs on the Block Host2012
JanetCornelison50th Reunion Committee Member1969
WestonCrosleyMentor Program2011
MichaelDean50th Reunion Committee Member1967
AbhiDevireddyMentor Program2011
JordanDuncanFrozen Four Watch Party Host2016
MaryEbert50th Reunion Committee Member1970
DenaEhrichMentor Program1994
JeniEltinkGrad Party
AllisonEthenMentor Program2010
ElizabethFahrenkampMentor Program2012
SarahFarleyMentor Program2012
GeorgeFisherFrozen Four Watch Party Host
MaggieFlatenMentor Program2008
BrockFlowersFrozen Four Watch Party Host, Bulldogs on the Block Host2014
KateyFornearGrad Party
FredFriedman50th Reunion Committee Member1969
CharlieGordonBulldogs of the Last Decade, Bulldogs on the Block Host2016
StephanieGrewenowBulldogs on the Block Host2016
BenGustafsonBulldogs on the Block Host1978
KristenGyolaiMentor Program2010
TomHaller50th Reunion Committee Member1969
ClaytonHandtMentor Program1993
BrandonHastingsMentor Program
RuthHeitkeBulldogs on the Block Host, Mentor Program2007
KaylaHertelMentor Program2004
WendyHigginsFrozen Four Watch Party Host1990
NoahHobbsMentor Program2011
KristineJacobsonMentor Program
ColleenJacobyFrozen Four Watch Party Host2016
ChadJohnsonBulldogs on the Block Host2007
BriannaJohnsonMentor Program2007
KristieJohnsonMentor Program2015
AlexJokelaMentor Program2008
CynthiaKeto NeibaurBulldogs on the Block Host1975
GeraldKnickerbocker50th Reunion Committee Member1968
JacobKonerzaMentor Program2004
KatieLaaksonenGrad Party
KennethLaChanceMentor Program1995
RachelLadzinskiMentor Program2018
BillyLahrMentor Program2000
BryanLambFrozen Four Watch Party Host2011
ChristopherLarsonMentor Program2015
JimLesteMentor Program1998
MarieLjosenvoorMentor Program
ErikaLudwigFrozen Four Watch Party Host1997
EricLudyMentor Program2009
JirehMabambaBulldogs of the Last Decade2017
JamieMarxhausenMentor Program2006
MelissaMaurer-JonesCoffee & Connections Speaker
DebMcDonaldMentor Program
StevenMillerFrozen Four Watch Party Host1987
MirandaMontezBulldogs on the Block Host2015
GreggMooreFrozen Four Watch Party Host
DanaMooreCoffee & Connections Speaker
EmilyMuellnerMentor Program2015
AndrewNashMentor Program2005
TimothyNelsobFrozen Four Watch Party Host1991
KimberlyNewtonBulldogs of the Last Decade, Bulldogs on the Block Host, Mentor Program2014
TimNiesMentor Program
TheresaO'Gara50th Reunion Committee Member1969
AltaOben50th Reunion Committee Chair1969
MelOlsonMentor Program
JeffreyOlsonMentor Program1987
RandyOlsonFrozen Four Watch Party Host1977
BobOwensFrozen Four Watch Party Host
StevenPaulsonFrozen Four Watch Party Host
WandaPearcyMentor Program1993
JeffPeltierFrozen Four Watch Party Host1989
DeborahPetersen-PerlmanMentor Program
DeanPetersonMentor Program1987
KimberlyPittmanMentor Program
MichaelPurtellMentor Program2017
JuliaQuehlMentor Program
BarbaraQuickstadFrozen Four Watch Party Host2014
AliRassaMentor Program2014
SteveRizziBulldogs on the Block Host1977
SteveRockwoodMentor Program2014
KeithRolleBulldogs on the Block Host, Frozen Four Watch Party Host1984
SamRosethMentor Program2012
TheresaRudolphFrozen Four Watch Party Host1984
JanelleRydbergMentor Program2003
MitchellRysavyBulldogs on the Block Host2016
AlyssaSchwankeBulldogs on the Block Host, Mentor Program2013
MichaelSchwartzFrozen Four Watch Party Host1986
EricSeabergFrozen Four Watch Party Host1991
StefanieSiroinMentor Program2017
ElisabethSlabodnikFrozen Four Watch Party Host
SueSommer-Kresse50th Reunion Committee Member1969, 1972
GrantSorensenCoffee & Connections Speaker1984
JosephStemigMentor Program2003
KarenStrommeCoffee & Connections2005
CorbinSmythGrad Party
GailTate50th Reunion Committee Member1969
DarinThureenMentor Program1999
MaxineTrolanderBulldogs on the Block Host, Frozen Four Watch Party Host1973
KellyUngerBulldogs on the Block Host1994
ThomasVan EttaFrozen Four Watch Party Host2000
RobertWalkerFrozen Four Watch Party Host
HillaryWaterhouseBulldogs on the Block Host2008
JenniferWebbCoffee & Connections Speaker
SteveWelsh50th Reunion Committee Member1969
ChristopherWestMentor Program2000
CarrieWhiteMentor Program1997
KayeWitzman50th Reunion Committee Member1969
RyanWoldtMentor Program2007
RobertWolfFrozen Four Watch Party Host1991
AlanWrightFrozen Four Watch Party Host1992
PeterZobenicaColorado Social Host1967
HeatherZobenicaColorado Social Host