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2017-18 Volunteers


Our mission is to create new experiences, connect alumni, and provide resources for all 75,000 alumni. We're proud of the work that was put in by faculty and staff, alumni, and current students in 2017-18. The success of our volunteers, events, and programming was impressive.

Alumni volunteered at the Minnesota State Fair, 50th Reunion, and numerous watch parties hosted around the country.

2017-18 Volunteers

First NameLast NameRoleGrad Year
RichardAkerlundState Fair1973
EmilyAlworthNetworking Night
BelleAmighiNetworking Night
AbbyBaysingerState Fair
AllanBekkalaState Fair2016
ElizabethBenusaBulldogs on the Block2013
RachelBredeckNetworking Night, Grad Party
GraceBromenschenkelGrad Party
AndyBurnsState Fair
JillCusterBulldogs on the Block2011
CarolDeanState Fair1973
MikeDean50th Reunion1967
JohnDeSanto50th Reunion1968
SheaDochertyGrad Party
SamanthaDukeBulldogs on the Block2006
TracyDunnBulldogs on the Block2011
MaryAnne Ebert50th Reunion1970
MichaelElliasonState Fair2007
JenniferEltinkCoffee & Connections, Grad Party
JeffFeldmanBulldogs on the Block1988
GeorgeFisherBulldogs on the Block2012
AlexaFletcherBulldogs on the Block2015
BrockFlowersBulldogs on the Block2014
KristenGibbonsState Fair1978
ZachGillState Fair
HebronGirmaGrad Party
CharlieGordonState Fair, Bulldogs on the Block, Bulldogs of the Lade Decade2016
MindyGranleyCoffee & Connections
SladeGulanGrad Party
LeahHapnerBulldogs on the Block2008
JuneHendricksonClass of 1951 Reunion1951
MelissaHodgeBulldogs on the Block2013
HeatherHolbrookState Fair1994
GaryHolquistNetworking Night
AllisonHoxieCoffee & Connections
CarlHuberNetworking Night
SusanHudecNetworking Night2005
SamanthaJohnsState Fair2011
KrissyJohnsonNetworking Night
EthanJohnsrudNetworking Night
AmandaJorgensonGrad Party
BrittaJorveGrad Party
TimothyJosephsonState Fair1990
NathanKammNetworking Night
PegHaley Kepner50th Reunion1968
GrantKlevenGrad Party, Networking Night2012
JerryKnickerbocker50th Reunion1968
MorganKohlerNetworking Night, Grad Party
MelissaLagerNetworking Night, Grad Party
KatieLedwellBulldogs on the Block2015
CaraLeitheiserState Fair2009
AndreaLeonardGrad Party
MachelleLindNetworking Night
EricLinnellBulldogs on the Block2012
JirehMabambaBulldogs of the Last Decade2017
RossMaynardBulldogs on the Block1980
MichaelMayouNetworking Night
LilyMeierhoffGrad Party, Student Alumni Board
BeckyMeyerNetworking Night
SteveMillerBulldogs on the Block1987
DanMillsState Fair1992
LauraMyersState Fair2013
JakeNadeauNetworking Night
KimmyNewtonBulldogs on the Block, Bulldogs of the Last Decade2013
DebbieNiemeyerState Fair1991
AliciaNorbyBulldogs on the Block2012
BeverlyNorrisState Fair1982
LisaPrattBulldogs on the Block1977
LaurenPulfordBulldogs on the Block2009
SamQuackenbushNetworking Night2018
PeterRamme50th Reunion1968
JenniferReirsonCoffee & Connections2005
AnneRittgersBulldogs on the Block2011
SteveRockwoodBulldogs of the Last Decade2014
MaraRosenwinkleNetworking Night
JoelSandersonNetworking Night2004
TaraSchlomkaState Fair2012
AlyssaSchwankeBulldogs on the Block, Grad Party, Bulldogs of the Last Decade2013
AmySeipNetworking Night
MaddySiroinBulldogs on the Block2015
RichardSheffBulddogs on the Block1972
AshleyShillingBulldogs on the Block2017
AnnaSmegalState Fair2014
CorbinSmythGrad Party
LaceySolheidBulldogs on the Block2012
NicoleSorensenGrad Party, Student Alumni Board
TylerSorgertState Fair2013
AnnaSorgertState Fair
AaronStolpBulldogs on the Block2012
KarenStrommeCoffee & Connections2005
MatthewTerhaarBulldogs on the Block2017
ThomasTveitBulldogs on the Block1974
KellyUngerState Fair1994
IanVincentNetworking Night2012
AndrewVriezeNetworking Night, Student Alumni Board2018
JoeWagnerNetworking Night
KaciWarnekeGrad Party
DebbieWelle-PowellCoffee & Connections
SteveWelsh50th Reunion1969
LoganWestBulldogs on the Block2013
DylanWitchendahlNetworking Night
TomWiedellState Fair2001
CarleeWilliamsGrad Party1998
JillWillsonCoffee & Connections
SherrillYeatonNetworking Night1994