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Bagley Nature Area

bagley nature center

Bulldogs Behind the Scenes: Bagley Nature Area

Join us on a Virtual Behind the Scenes tour of Bagley Nature Area, where you will stroll along and learn the stories of this amazing 59-acre on-campus resource. Your guide will be Tim Bates, Associate Director of UMD’s Recreational Sports Outdoor Program and Chair of the Bagley Nature Area Management Committee.

Discover how this area came to be as well as it’s natural and cultural stories including how it is used by the campus and greater Duluth community. Bagley features old growth forests, a seismic research station, ski hill, campground, and farming.

*This event was recorded via Zoom on July, 9 2020.*

Bulldogs Behind the Scenes is a UMD alumni event that gives you an inside look at local industry leaders. Alumni and friends will enjoy facility tours, access to company leadership, and connecting with each other through curiosity and learning.

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