Lesson # 1

Grade Level: 4-6

The period of discussion is the Renaissance. The teacher using pictures and book references talks about the many customs with an emphasis on the art and music of the people. The discussion leads into the importance of defending property and the many battles that resulting. Shields used in the battles had an individual, family and country importance. Each student is asked to design a coat of arms or some other decoration to show who they are and what is important to them. During the activity music from the Renaissance is played in the background.

History Objectives: To bring meaning of the Renaissance period to the students. To aid the student to identify with self and family.

Art Objectives: To express feeling, beliefs, and ideas through art. To formulate concepts into meaningful form.

Needed Materials: Large paper, cardboard, scissors, paint or other marking materials, glue. Renaissance music, books and illustrations of the period.

Lesson # 2

Grade Level 4-6

The topic is the history of the town given by the teacher. The students are asked to bring information to the class pertaining to the town (parents, grand-parents and others can help to provide information). After much discussion the students are encouraged to select important parts of the town's history and to make individual drawings. (An alternate is to make a mural showing the important parts of the town's history).

History Objectives: To study and learn more about home town history. To appreciate the events that led up to the town as it is today.

Art Objectives: To use different drawing materials and techniques. To illustrate and important part of history.

Needed Materials: Paper, crayons, markers, charcoal, pencils, pastels, colored pencils. Large paper if a mural is planned

Lesson # 3

Grade Level: 1-6

This lesson follows a lengthy discussion about timelines. Various timelines are established according to the understanding of the student grade level. Each student is asked to pick an event from a timeline. Using crayons or other marking devices the student illustrates the event. After the lesson is completed the teacher pins (tapes) up the illustrations in chronological order. The students discuss their idea as it pertains to the timeline.

History Objectives: To aid the student in learning about events as they occur in a chronological order. To help the student grasp the idea of time.

Art Objectives: To grasp an related idea and visually illustrate it. To be able to critique one's own ideas.

Needed Materials: Crayons, markers, paint, paper, history facts.

Lesson # 4

Grade Level: 1-3

After a discussion about Columbus and his voyages the students are given the challenge to illustrate the ships used by Columbus and his men or to draw what they image the land to look like when Columbus landed. Following the assignment the students show their art work and discuss their ideas with their classmates.

History Objectives: To learn about Columbus and his voyages. To give the students a chance to travel back in time through their imagination.

Art Objectives: To improve drawing skills related to a past event. To provide a forum for the students to discuss their own art work and the art work of others.

Needed Materials: Paper, crayons or other marking tools or paint and brushes.

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