Lesson # 1

Grade Level: 1-5

The teacher puts a number of geometric shapes on the board. The class then discusses the shapes and how they are related. When the discussion is over the children are given materials to create a picture using all of the shapes on the board. The challenge is to see if they can relate the shapes to their environment of trees, buildings, humans, animals, etc.

Math Objectives: To understand what makes up the various mathematical shapes. To become aware of how these shapes interrelate with each other.

Art Objectives: To recognize that most things are made up of a basic shape that can be seen and illustrated. To develop a strong awareness of shapes.

Needed Materials: Paper of various colors, scissors, markers or crayons or paint, glue.

Lesson # 2

Grade Level: 4-6

Each student is given a two digit number divisible by 2 or 3. The students are asked to manipulate the number in as many ways as they can think of (add, subtract, divide, multiply). They are then to decide how they will illustrate one of the manipulated results. Example: The given number is 36. One manipulation could be to add 3 + 6 = 9. A drawing could be made showing nine trees or any other subject by nine.

Math Objectives: To learn to manipulate a given set of numbers. To review basic math concepts.

Art Objectives: To produce a drawing illustrating repetition. To become aware of the number of environmental subjects that are repetitive.

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